Keeping Your Bathroom Warm During Winter


Soon it’ll be time to be all warm and cosy. The colder nights are approaching as summer is leaving us, autumn is gracing our presence and winter will be here before we know it. What that means is turning on the fire and radiators and trying to keep your bathroom warm can be tricky. There are drastic changes in temperature the more baths and showers.

Keeping your bathroom warm shouldn’t be a chore, follow our tips below!

1. Replace Silicone on Window Edges

Around the window edges will contain wear and tear. When gaps are forming, it will cause any heat inside the bathroom to be completely lost. We never want to lose that warm feeling! You can buy silicone from your local DIY store. It’s very inexpensive and can be a saving grace when replacing any old silicone on any edges including door and window edges.

2. Installing Proper Ventilation

Moisture will escape the bathroom and so will any heat that’s inside by opening a window. There is a way of keeping the windows shut and using an extractor fan. This retains heat and ensuring any unwanted moisture/bad smells from the bathroom.

3. Weather Stripping on Doors Edges

Silicon’s a nice easy way to keep heat inside. You can use a heavier duty method involving a long, coil of plastic and rubber sealant which can be cut down to any size and fitted onto the door edge. This little tip will also keep both cold air and water from leaking and seeping through the gaps.

Now, that we’ve kept the cold out and the heat in, here are some tips about adding even more heat into the bathroom:

1. Bleeding The Radiator

Simplicity at it’s finest and very cost efficient. When bleeding a radiator, it’s a simple operation and will often only needs the bleed valve to be turned slightly using a radiator bleeding key. Most importantly, turn the key slightly until you can hear air passing through the valve and close again when water starts to pass through.

2. Water Saving Shower Heads

For quickness, people will tend to have a shower. Winter is when people will tend to take a longer shower, especially in the freezing cold mornings. This is when we want that extra five minutes of heat on our bones. If you use a water saving shower head will restrict the flow of water by up to 50% in some cases. This means you can feel less guilty about showering for longer and the shower head will be saving you water, energy and money. A win/win situation!

3. Install Under Floor Heating

Con: can be a bit on the pricey side. Pro: Long-term saving and a solid investment for your bathroom. The process of installation involves using heated cabling or heated mats underneath because you will feel your bathroom floor to gently warm the bathroom.  Controlled using a thermostat or a switch – this makes your bathroom floor all lovely, toasty and heated for you setting foot inside.   We hope that these hints and tips will help you keep your bathroom warm and cosy during the colder nights! Speak to our specialist teams about your bathroom! Pop into our showrooms at: 8 Kew Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 5JE 32 Leonard Place, Perth PH2 8ER You can visit our website here.