BETTE Bath BBQ Challenge

Scouts eating burger at BBQ challenge

At The Bathroom Company, we love a challenge, to continually push the boundaries of bathroom design and to test the products that we supply to their very limit.

This is why we teamed up with BETTE, a German, family-run company who have been producing premium architectural bathroom components out of steel-titanium alloy, since 1952. We have been working with BETTE for over 15 years, fitting their extensive range of baths and shower trays. 

Our challenge was to prove just how high quality and durable their bathtubs are, and what better way to prove this than to use the bath as a BBQ?

What we needed next was a large group of hungry, burger eating, BBQ enthusiasts to put our BETTE bath BBQ through its paces. Thankfully, the 10thPerthshire Scout Group were more than happy to volunteer their appetites for this challenge!

Alistair Lomas, BETTE Area Sales Manager, kindly brought a brand-new BETTE bathtub to the 10thPerthshire Scout Hut at Perth Academy. Our team of The Bathroom Company volunteers quickly started the transformation from bathtub to BBQ, before 150 hungry Scouts and their parents arrived.

Whilst the Scouts were busy playing games, the BBQ Bath was lit, and a burger production line was formed to efficiently feed everyone.

The next morning the real challenge began – to clean up and transform the BBQ back to a fully functioning, good as new bath. 

After donning some trusty marigolds, a few hours of scrubbing and a lot of elbow grease, our BETTE bath was sparkling again, good as new and without a single trace of the BBQ ever happening.

Fiona Lowry, Director said, “It was a great evening and we all had a lot of fun firstly transforming the bath into a fully functioning BBQ and then the challenge of cooking burgers for 150 hungry Scouts”

“The BBQ challenge proved just how durable and high quality the BETTE products are. Our customers can be assured that they are buying the highest quality products available.”

The Bathroom Company would like to thank BETTE for supplying the bathtub for the BBQ, the 10thPerthshire Scout group, D.G Lindsay & Son butchers for supplying 150 burgers as well as the team at Fraktul Marketing for capturing this crazy challenge on film.

We hope you enjoy watching a short video of our BETTE Bath BBQ Challenge.

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