Design Brief

We were delighted to be approached by a previous client and asked to design and install a second bathroom for them. We originally completed the first bathroom for this customer 12 years ago. They could still recall the high level of detail and customer service that we delivered when they visited our showroom again for their initial consultation meeting.

It was great to see familiar faces and our client said it was an easy choice for them to choose The Bathroom Company to design their second bathroom.

Our client is also a talented designer and specialises in making her own stained-glass designs. One of the main requests from our client was to integrate a stained-glass window into our design. The original window was aged and had an extractor fan built through the glass.

After a site visit and a few visits to our showroom to discuss possible designs and solutions, it was agreed that we would completely remove the old window and install one of our client’s one-of-a-kind stained-glass designs.

No matter what your unique design request is, our talented designers will listen to your needs and use their creativity and experience to incorporate your ideas, or in this instance, products, into our designs.

The use of 4D technology brings our designs to life, before a single tile is laid. This amazing facility allows our clients to explore in virtual reality how their now room is going to look and feel. It is also a great tool when a client is unsure of their preferred colour scheme. We can easily alter the colours used in our designs to identify which one our client loves the most.

If you like what you see and would like a consultation with one of our interior design, kitchen or bathroom designers, let us know, and we can arrange a consultation.

Our Design

Our client said “Moving the extractor fan has made a massive difference to the window style but also so that the window can now be opened. When the light shines through the window, the stained-glass colours shine on the wall and at 1pm it is directly into the shower area and reflects off the glass shower panel.”

As always, our in-house installation team efficiently cleared out the old bathroom, before starting work on installing our new stunning design. Our client said our installation team were brilliant, polite, tidy and continually consulted our client throughout the process, for example to establish the perfect height for the new WC.

We also removed the bath and altered the layout of the bathroom so that we could install a large and accessible, glass shower enclosure with two shower heads, one being a large rain shower head. Discreet built-in shower seat and grab rail were also installed, ensuring that our client could safely enjoy her new shower in comfort.

Our client said that her favourite feature was surprisingly not the stained-glass window, but in fact the tiling as she feels like she is “on a riverbed when the shower is on”.

Have we tempted you yet? Like a chat with one of our design, kitchen or bathroom designers? Just let us know, and we can arrange a consultation.