Kaldewei baths and shower trays are meticulously crafted with 3.5mm steel enamel. They are masterpieces of bathroom design: extravagant, exquisite and elegant. Designed as prestige items, they can transform every bathroom into a shrine of aesthetic sensuousness.

Today, Kaldewei is one of the world’s most prestigious bath manufacturers, with over 80 internationally-recognised design awards to prove it. The products, created with world-renowned designers including Sottsass Associati of Milan and Phoenix Design of Stuttgart and Tokyo, range from traditional inset baths to luxurious free-standing baths and innovative, level-access/wetfloor shower tray solutions that are acknowledged by experts throughout the world as outstanding contemporary works of modern bath culture.

Kaldewei is the only manufacturer that offers a material thickness of 3.5mm enamelled steel throughout its entire range of baths and shower trays. We will be more than happy to talk you through the Kaldewei products that we have on display in our showrooms and demonstrate their quality in person.

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